Photo Gallery

A Main Lot tradition!

The Buckhead lot crew

Offloading the bug guys

A Sunday at the Main lot

One of our regulars!

Another Big John's Big Tree!

Christmas Memories, 1967

The Big John's legend, Taylor Peck

John deciding who gets this one!

An Atlanta Braves legend

Big John's grandson and son with a BEAUTY!

The Big Saturday!

Another unreal Big John's Big Tree!

Big John Livaditis in Canada, ca. 1982

LA Fitness lot 2013

That hand-picked, Blue Ribbon "Jimbo Special" says it all!

Zesto and Big John's on Peachtree Road near Brookwood Station, ca. 1949

Lee Livaditis 2012

Last truck of 2015!

Mr. Pete ca. 1961

Jimbo Picks the Best Trees

Big John and Grandchild, Anna

Despina and John with Papou Pete

Mr. Pete and Clan

Wreath Creator Extraodinaire, Pat

Big John Himself, with a Canadian Crew ca. 1982

Lee & Jimbo Livaditis with Drew Dekle during the 50th Anniversary.

Jimbo & Lee Livaditis 2012

Family Enjoying a Photo Op at Big John's

Generations gather at Big John's!

Snowy Night in Pennsylvania

City of Marietta - Before & After

Grand Fir in Washington State, ca. 2004

Christina with Lumberjack Nate

Christmas Tree Seedlings in Western NC

Big John's Buckhead, ca 2004

Anastasia with Steven R. McQueen, 2011

Vinings Manager, Andrew, with current Roswell Manager Mariela

Brookhaven Manager, Ben

Buckhead 2011 Managers, Nate and Charlotte

John and Lucas on a Scenic Drive through the Concolors!

2010 GA Pacific Tree; After, The MAGNUM Companies,Ltd.

John and Lucas in the Long Patch, late Summer 2011

Sophia and Lumberjack Nate

Silver Lake Fish Rehabitation Project with Big John's Leftover Inventory in Brookhaven, 2012

Big John's Buckhead ca 2008

Lucas, John, and Lumberjack Nate, 2011

Margaret, Part of the Big John's Family

Hauling In a Load of Trees, Buckhead ca. 2004

John, Wayne, and Lucas, Winter 2008

Picking a Tree with Pappou

Ansley Manager, Clee (on rt) and Seth

The Big John's Crew and Trees for Troops at W. Paces Ferry Lot, 2009

Cumming Manager, Buck (rt) with aide-de-camp Phillip

Big John's and another successful Trees for Troops Campaign, 2011

Trees waiting to be loaded, with messages to our Troops, 2011

A Happy Big John's Customer

Spheres - Perfect Outdoor Decor

Picking Out the Perfect Wreath

A 72" Fraser Wreath coming out of the fridge ca. 2019

Prior to Season Farm Visit in November, 2012

Apres Harvest Farm Visit in November, 2014

Apres Season Farm Visit in January, 2013

Wonderfully Old-Fashioned, Layered #16 Frasers Joined at the Ribbon Waiting to be Cut for a Home on a 90° Autumn Day!

Mail Box Huggie

Special Order Douglas Fir in Jefferson County, Fall, 2013

Managers Ice Breaker Meeting, November, 2010; the Year of the Marmut Windstopper Vest

Yukking it Up with Mr. & Mrs. Sundback Amongst the Dougs, Fall, 2007

The largest of three Special Order Douglas Firs to a long-time customer, with genetics originating from the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico

A relationship dating back to the late 60s between Homer and Big John, another generation savoring the bonds of time and tradition on a recent visit

This tree found 8/9' Fraser Fir at Twilight, Fall, 2016 in WV

From the majesty of the Mountains in Allegheny Co, NC to the majestic mansions of Metro Atlanta--a 17/18' Fraser gem, Christmas 2016

Like a promo still from a 1960s Christmas Special!

Georgia-Pacific's Hand-picked 30' Douglas-Fir Jewel by Big John's from northern Michigan

2021 Georgia-Pacific Lobby Tree

A glorious, late fall afternoon, November, 2020

2006 Buckhead Baseball Coach's Caps Tree

24' of Fraser Firry Goodness, Before & After

John Tagging a Turkish Fir Specimen, 2022

2022 Turkish Fir Specimen Cuz in PA

2022 Governor's Mansion Christmas Tree - Before & After


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